Lucid Evolution is an embodiment of the unearthly synergy within the band: the commanding vocals, lyrical prowess, and keyboard sorcery of frontwoman Lynne Holloman, the psychedelic wizardry of guitarist Cam Harrahy, the funk-infused rock rhythms of bassist Sammy Stiles, and the soulful percussion artistry of Brian Holloman.

Drawn from a rich tapestry of musical influences, including luminaries like Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Fleetwood Mac, and Portishead, Lucid Evolution’s compositions resonate deeply, stirring profound emotional chords. Their lyrics, melodies, and spontaneous improvisations serve as a soothing elixir for the soul, endeavoring to fill the cosmic void with sonic psychedelic healing.

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**Press Announcement**

**Lucid Evolution's Latest Track "Water!" Set to Make Waves in the Music World**

**[Richmond, VA - January 6, 2024]** - We're thrilled to share the news of Lucid Evolution's newest musical offering, "Water!" This single, marking the band's first release of 2024, is all set to debut on various streaming services on January 26, 2024. Continuing Lucid Evolution's legacy of immersive and emotive soundscapes, "Water!" stands out as a groundbreaking piece in their discography. This track represents an artistic journey, blending serene melodies, profound bass, and dynamic rhythms to capture the serene yet powerful nature of water. It's a true representation of our ability to channel a wide range of emotions through music. "Water!" is not just a song; it's an experience, a sonic journey that aligns with our mission to heal the cosmic void with sound and psychedelic elements. We're deeply appreciative of the ongoing support from our fans and eagerly await sharing this unique sonic journey with everyone.

Special thanks go to Sound of Music Studios, John Morand, Ian Marburger, Keith Armstrong (mixing), Justin Shturtz (mastering), and Joe Winograd for the stunning artwork of "Water!"

**Pre-Order and Availability:**
Starting January 11, 2024, fans can pre-order "Water!" The excitement is palpable, with audiences globally anticipating the release of this musical gem. Available from January 26, 2024, at midnight, "Water!" will be accessible for streaming and download on major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

**About Lucid Evolution:**
Lucid Evolution is a musical phenomenon, blending genres and styles. The band features Lynne Holloman's commanding vocals, Cam Harrahy's psychedelic mastery, Sammy Stiles's funk-rock rhythms, and Brian Holloman's soulful percussions. Drawing from diverse musical inspirations, Lucid Evolution's creations aim to infuse the universe with sonic and psychedelic healing.

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